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a FEATURES Complete Monolithic 14-Bit ADC 2s Complement Coding Parallel, Byte and Serial Digital Interface 80 dB SNR at 10 kHz Input Frequency 57 ns Data Access Time Low Power—50 mW typ 83 kSPS Throughput Rate 16-Lead SOIC (AD7872)

LC2MOS Complete 14-Bit, Sampling ADCs AD7871/AD7872 FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAMS

APPLICATIONS Digital Signal Processing High Speed Modems Speech Recognition and Synthesis Spectrum Analysis DSP Servo Control GENERAL DESCRIPTION

The AD7871 and AD7872 are fast, complete, 14-bit analog-todigital converters. They consist of a track/hold amplifier, successive-approximation ADC, 3 V buried Zener reference and versatile interface logic. The ADC features a self-contained, laser trimmed internal clock, so no external clock timing components are required. The on-chip clock may be overridden to synchronize ADC operation to the digital system for minimum noise. The AD7871 offers a choice of three data output formats: a single, parallel, 14-bit word; two 8-bit bytes or a 14-bit serial data stream. The AD7872 is a serial output device only. The two parts are capable of interfacing to all modern microprocessors and digital signal processors. The AD7871 and AD7872 operate from ± 5 V power supplies, accept bipolar input signals of ± 3 V and can convert full power signals up to 41.5 kHz. In addition to the traditional dc accuracy specifications, the AD7871 and AD7872 are also fully specified for dynamic performance parameters including distortion and signal-to-noise ratio. Both devices are fabricated in Analog Devices’ LC2MOS mixed technology process. The AD7871 is available in 28-pin plastic DIP and PLCC packages. The AD7872 is available in a 16-pin plastic DIP, hermetic DIP and 16-lead SOIC packages.


1. Complete 14-Bit ADC on a Chip. 2. Dynamic Specifications for DSP Users. 3. Low Power.

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