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a FEATURES High Speed 41 MHz, –3 dB Bandwidth 125 V/␮s Slew Rate 80 ns Settling Time Input Bias Current of 20 pA and Noise Current of 10 fA/√Hz Input Voltage Noise of 12 nV/√Hz Fully Specified Power Supplies: ؎5 V to ؎15 V Low Distortion: –76 dB at 1 MHz High Output Drive Capability Drives Unlimited Capacitance Load 50 mA Min Output Current No Phase Reversal When Input Is at Rail Available in 8-Lead SOIC

Low Cost, General Purpose High Speed JFET Amplifier AD825 CONNECTION DIAGRAM 8-Lead Plastic SOIC (R) Package
















AD825 TOP VIEW (Not to Scale)


APPLICATIONS CCD Low Distortion Filters Mixed Gain Stages Audio Amplifier Photo Detector Interface ADC Input Buffer DAC Output Buffer PRODUCT DESCRIPTION

The AD825 is a superbly optimized operational amplifier for high speed, low cost and dc parameters, making it ideally suited for a broad range of signal conditioning and data acquisition applications. The ac performance, gain, bandwidth, slew rate and drive capability are all very stable over temperature. The AD825 also maintains stable gain under varying load conditions. The unique input stage has ultralow input bias current and ultralow input current noise. Signals that go to either rail on this high performance input do not cause phase reversals at the output. These features make the AD825 a good choice as a buffer for MUX outputs, creating minimal offset and gain errors. The AD825 is fully specified for operation with dual ± 5 V and ± 15 V supplies. This power supply flexibility, and the low supply current of 6.5 mA with excellent ac characteristics under all supply conditions, makes the AD825 well suited for many demanding applications.

Figure 1. Performance with Rail-to-Rail Input Signals

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