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Ordering number : EN619H

Monolithic Linear IC

LA3370 PLL FM Multiplex Stereo Demodulator for Car Stereo


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The LA3370 is a multiplex IC for FM car stereo, and it has the following 2 functions through its utilization of the IF meter output voltage, etc. 1. Stereo noise control (SNC) under which the noise particular to the FM stereo unit in the weak electric field is reduced smoothly. 2. High-cut control (HCC) under which the high frequency is smoothly attenuated. In additioin, the LA3370 can be, due to its low distortion factor, an IC for multiplex stereo demodulator which is appropriate for the car component stereo unit.

unit: mm 3020A-SIP16




• Stereo noise control (SNC terminal) Through controlling the quality of sound from stereo mode to monaural mode with the voltage applied to the control pin, the FM stereo noise in the weak electric field is reduced by this function. • High-cut control function (HCC terminal) The FM noise in the weak electric field is reduced through the attenuation of high frequency thereof. Such attenuation can be changed smoothly from "Normal" to "High Cut" by controlling the voltage applied to the control pin. The volume of "High Cut" can be selected by using an external capacitor. • Stereo-monaural automatic select This selection has priority over the stereo noise control. Pilot input prioritized. • Stoppage of VCO oscillation When a voltage of 7.5V or higher is applied to the HCC terminal, the oscillation of VCO can be discontinued. In this case, the stereo lamp does not malfunction. • With separation control terminal.

Features • Low distortion factor. (0.05% typ. 300mV input, mono) • The ripple of power source can effectively be rejected. (35dB typ.) • The range of voltage to be used is wide. (VCC=6.5 to 14V) • The space factor is advantageous because of the singlend package. • The printed circuit board can easily be prepared as 3mm pitch is used between the pins.

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