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Philips Semiconductors

Objective specification

I2C-bus controlled PAL/NTSC TV processor


FEATURES • Multistandard vision IF circuit (positive and negative modulation) • Video identification circuit in the IF circuit which is independent of the synchronization for stable On Screen Display (OSD) under ‘no-signal’ conditions • Source selection with 2 Colour Video Blanking Synchronization (CVBS) inputs and a Y/C (or extra CVBS) input

GENERAL DESCRIPTION The TDA8366 is an I2C-bus controlled PAL/NTSC TV processor. The circuit has been designed for use with the baseband chrominance delay line TDA4665 and for DC-coupled vertical and East-West (EW) output stages.

• Output signals of the video switch circuit for the teletext decoder and a Picture-In-Picture (PIP) processor • Integrated chrominance trap and bandpass filters (automatically calibrated)

The device can process both CVBS and Y/C input signals and has a linear RGB-input with fast blanking.

• Integrated luminance delay line

The peaking circuit generates asymmetrical overshoots (the amplitude of the ‘black’ overshoots is approximately 2 times higher as the one of the ‘white’ overshoots) and contains a (defeatable) coring function.

• Asymmetrical peaking in the luminance channel with a (defeatable) noise coring function • PAL/NTSC colour decoder with automatic search system

The RGB control circuit contains a black-current stabilizer circuit with internal clamp capacitors. The white point of the picture tube is adjusted via the I2C-bus.

• Easy interfacing with the TDA8395 (SECAM decoder) for multistandard applications • RGB control circuit with black-current stabilization and white point adjustment; to obtain a good grey scale tracking the black-current ratio of the 3 guns depends on the white point adjustment

The deflection control circuit provides a drive pulse for the horizontal output stage, a differential sawtooth current for the vertical output stage and an East-West drive current for the East-West output stage.These signals can be manipulated for geometry correction of the picture.

• Linear RGB inputs and fast blanking • Horizontal synchronization with two control loops and alignment-free horizontal oscillator

The supply voltage for the IC is 8 V. The IC is available in an SDIP package with 52 pins and in a QFP package with 64 pins (see Chapter “Ordering information”).

• Vertical count-down circuit • Geometry correction by means of modulation of the vertical and EW drive

The pin numbers indicated in this document are referenced to the SDIP52; SOT247-1 package; unless otherwise indicated.

• I2C-bus control of various functions • Low dissipation (850 mW) • Small amount of peripheral components compared with competition ICs • Only one adjustment (vision IF demodulator) • Y, U and V inputs and outputs.

January 1995


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